Massage and Energy Work


For  centuries massage has been practiced by cultures around the world. The  work is a dynamic blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge scientific  findings. Although massage is rooted in technique and body knowledge, it  is also about heart, healing intention, and connection between  therapist and client. Massage brings relaxation, helps heal physical and emotional pain, and promotes a profound sense of well being.  

Energy Work 

Gaynor has completed  extensive trainings in craniosacral therapy,a subtle, hands-on  method pioneered by osteopaths.This work is based on the principle that  physical and emotional trauma can remain in the body, contributing to  anxiety, stress, pain and sickness. By following the subtle movement of  the central nervous system, energy that is depleted, stagnant or blocked  can be brought back to balance. This holistic approach to healing can  facilitate profound shifts in habitual patterns of distress and  dis-ease, opening a path for greater physical, mental and emotional  well-being. In addition she combines bioenergy therapy, chakra balancing  and Matrix Energetics to best meet the needs of the client. 


$110 hour

$160 hour and a half

$210 two hour