Gaynor’s gifts, talents and skills cannot be fully expressed in words. But, I will try: She is generous and kind. Always with a warm smile and approach to her clients. Her hands are wise, they always find their way to the spot that is needing the most healing. She does not do a formulaic massage, no, her massage is individualized. She represents the best of humanity — intellect, training, knowledge, striving and skill — all bound up and packaged by her wise heart into an excellent clinician. Her head, heart and hands give healing to our heads, hearts and bodies. 

Sarah, client since 2001

For nearly two decades Gaynor has helped keep me moving - through recovery from back surgery and neck surgery to the average daily aches and pains.  Gaynor is just the best massage therapist you can find.  Plus there's always an emotional support dog or two around.

John, client since 2002

Gaynor is the best massage therapist I’ve seen in my life. She has worked with me over twenty years of massage, through health, joy, stress, illnesses and injuries. I recommend Gaynor with five stars!!!

Bob, client since 1999

I had just signed up for the Comrades Marathon in South Africa - a grueling and holy 56 mile ultramarathon - when I sustained a hamstring injury.  I was sure that my race dreams were over, but Gaynor's expert care made the race possible for me.  Her intuitive and thorough treatment brought my hamstring back to full function.  She is without question the best at what she does.

Jeff, client since 2009

The only thing that gets me through the stupidest, most stressful week is knowing Massage Monday with Gaynor is just around the corner!

Susan, client since 2007

Gaynor's massages are truly unmatched.  Plus, she is a fantastic energy worker.  Not only she gives the best massages ever, but they come with her energy work. 

 Negda, client since 2011

For over 20 years, Gaynor has helped me cope with significant osteoarthritis, and I am convinced that my mobility and my emotional state have been positively affected by her profound skills.

Barry, client since 1999

Having an appointment with Gaynor on my calendar makes the whole week feel good! She's a terrific massage therapist -- there's no one better in the DCMV!

Heather, client since 2009

She's one-third psychotherapist, one-third massage therapist, one-third comedian; I leave every session with Gaynor feeling great!

Gwen, client since 1997